Ashley Olds



Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona I spent most of my childhood shoveling snow and sticking my tongue to freezing poles on triple dog dares.  To stay warm, I began taking dance lessons at the Boys & Girls Club where I favored Jazz and Hip Hop. I began acting in musicals around the valley, such as the highly coveted role of Girl #2 in Cinderella.  I graduated with a degree in Theatre from A-S-U! (imagine me holding up a pitchfork right here). Since living in L.A., I have gotten into a few fender benders, helped to catch a thief (seriously, ask me about it sometime) and gotten some new freckles.  Also, I was recently seen on ABC’s THE NEIGHBORS and wrapped the lead in the feature film shot partially in Tanzania-GOING BONGO.  I am currently developing a comedic web series and learning a new rap song by Eminem. Ya dig?